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Amazing Tips On Maintaining UPVC Doors And Windows Of Your Property

With great powers come great responsibility; and, this saying goes absolutely fine when we speak about your property and its doors and windows. It is true that they allow you to remain safe, and, at the same time, enhance the look of your home. This is why you should make ends meet to keep it in the best shape always. In this blog, we bring to you some of the best measures that you can take to maintain the doors and windows in the right way. Read on to know more-

Clean the frame

You should make efforts to clean the frames of your UPVC doors and windows at least twice a year. Use a brush to clean all the dust,  and then, with the help of a vacuum cleaner move away all the dirt and cobwebs on it. Mix some washing powder in a bowl of warm water and use it with a soft cloth to clean the frames of the windows. Avoid using coloured cloth because if the dye comes off then the frames will be coloured and will look terrible.

Here’s how to maintain-

Use spray oil on the hinges and sockets of your windows to keep them smooth throughout the year. It is suggested to do the same at least twice a year for better movement. However, ensure that there is no oil left on the glass.

  • Put some oil in the lock, and wiggle the same with the key to ensure it reaches the corners of the lock.
  • Keep the windows closed, and spray oil on the locking strip. Wipe away the excess oil with clean dry cloth.
  • Check if the hinges are loose, and use the screwdriver for tightening them.

With these, your UPVC windows and doors will remain in their best shape throughout. However, if you are planning to install new ones or replace the outdated designs, you can always get in touch with City Windows Newport.  For more information, reach out to us without wasting any more time. Our team of experts in Newport is ready to help whenever you need!