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Composite Doors

One of our most popular and best-selling products is the composite door. City Windows Newport LTD is the most dependable source of composite doors. The composite doors are manufactured of a number of various materials such as wood, PVC, GRP and foam. This ensures that the doors are extremely durable and lasts long. We take care of the whole process of manufacturing starting from the collection of the raw material to the actual method of manufacture.

We give maximum importance on the quality of our products and also the aesthetic value. We deliver some of the best designs available presently in the market. The standard PVC doors are mostly made of plastic alone, but in the case of the composite doors, there are various effective materials which are glued together to get the maximum efficiency and durability. The composite doors are thicker and are almost 44 mm thick compared to the standard plastic doors which are 28 mm thick. Our composite doors are also weatherproof and can face extreme weather conditions such as harsh sunlight or vigorous wind.

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Composite Doors

Composite doors provided by City Windows Newport LTD offer the highest level of security for your property. The composite doors from City Windows Newport LTD require very less maintenance or no maintenance at all except cleaning. The weatherproof properties of the composite doors are beneficial in protecting the interiors of your house from the effects of outside weather. To get the best quality composite doors in Newport get in touch with us today.